Transforming Negative Emotions

Negative emotions play a vital role in increasing stress. These emotions always take you away from your goals. You feel anxious and don’t find any answers to your problems. When you start thinking negatively it is the start of destruction of life. Negative thinking prevents you from taking risks for reaching your goals. It hinders strength and capability in you to face challenges in your path. But, these emotions can be stopped by practicing some ways as follows –

  • Learn to observe your Emotions: Think about what factors are hindering your positive thinking. Think that you are separate from the negative emotions and learn to observe your emotions indirectly or directly. If you wish to get in touch with your emotions, then pause your mental chatter or physical activity for some time to give space to your emotions at various times during the day. If you can’t understand your emotions then try an indirect approach like pausing to examine your physical state and the sensations you are feeling in your body. The sensations can be pains or tensions in various body parts.
  • Change what you can: Avoid doing the activities that give you stress. For example if there is job stress then find ways to cut down on it. Learn to add assertive words in your language while speaking with others. Believe in yourself and think positively towards any problem. Practice some stress releasing activities like meditation and yoga.
  • Avoid Temptation to Over Generalize: When one bad thing happens to you, don’t keep an attitude that further everything will go bad with you. Avoid words of over generalization like always, never, should or everybody. Re-think your words by adding something positive and reconsider the circumstance. For example, ‘You never listen to me’ can be transformed to something positive that ‘There have been times in the past when you listened to me’.
  • Watch your Tendency of Jumping to Conclusions: When you are stressed about some situation then take a deep breath and step back to the event that occurred to analyze it. By doing this you can monitor your negative thoughts and keep them away from the current situation.
  • Don’t ‘should’ yourself: When you add should to your statements you are issuing negative judgments about your actions and behaviors. For example avoid saying ‘I should have worked better’ or ‘I should be making more money’. ‘Should’ statements constrain you from looking for other solutions.
  • Dial Back from Magnifying a Problem: Perception comes before reality. Negative thoughts start arising when you mix the two. See situation in the form of what it really is instead of what it feels like as it may ground your thoughts. Instead study the problem by magnifying it which will give you more energy and opportunity to become larger than it was intended to be.
  • Celebrate: Celebrate the good things happening to you rather than minimizing them. There are some days when you might feel like someone has emptied passion and strength from your heart that is needed for life. But this doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating the positive things happening, no matter how small they are.

Some of these ways will surely help you to transform your negative emotions to positive and making your life happy and relaxed.


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