Relieving stress

Colors are more than a decorating medium as it is colors which have made nature look so beautiful with plants, animals, insects and more. In humans, colors add to the beauty of life as well as affect their moods in positive and negative manner. Colors also play an important role in relieving stress and create a positive attitude towards life.

Whenever you look at the plants in your garden you feel relaxed and happy. Do you remember your childhood when you used to paint with colors? It made you happy, right. This means that colors have great effect on your mood. A person responds to colors on a non-conscious level and therefore, they act as tool to manipulate feelings. Using colors for dealing with health issues is practiced from ancient times and is called as color therapy. In this therapy, it is believed that each organ and cell of human body has specific vibration which is associated with specific healing properties.

Use of colors is seen to be effective in every sector like business, offices, homes, schools, etc. which act as medium for changing mood. If at home you feel stressed every time you enter, then try changing color of walls and choose a soothing color. It will surely create a calm and relaxing environment in your home. Mostly, avoid using red and orange colors in your homes and offices as these are stimulating and intense colors. Pink color symbolizes tranquility and softness and also promotes energy balance. Blue color can be used in bedrooms for good night sleep as it’s a color of relaxation. If you always feel anxious or drained, use green color in your home along with plants as it relieves stress and brings harmony. You can wear violet color clothes for inner peace, wisdom and strength. Decorate your home with white color for a clean and fresh look. White color will also add brightness to your home. Yellow color adds spirit to your life when you are feeling down. If it is not possible for you to use many colors in your daily life, then try visualizing soothing colors while meditating. You can focus on a particular color that you like while meditating which is also one of the best options to reduce stress.

Human body needs vibration in order to remain healthy. Colors have vibrations which help to recover body illness and keep you fit.


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