social activities and aging

After doing lot of hard work and earning enough money, a time comes when one has to get retired and sit at home. Even though it’s a relaxation period, there is lot of tension and worry that leads to stress. This is a stage when one needs support not only physically but also mentally to live further life in an easy way. Social activities play an important role to reduce the aging stress and live life happily.

Social activities engage old people mentally as well as physically which doesn’t allow them to ponder over their problems. It also gives a sense of independence along with confidence to aging persons. There are many organizations which provide such activities for old persons. Social activities may include leisure and cultural activities, creative activities, recreational activities etc. Gardening is one of the most loved leisure activities for old persons and also they have skills and patience to do this work. It helps to recover from illness, recover balance and vigor, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and increases co-ordination. Cultural activities include dance and music which are also a form of physical exercises with social activities. If you like dancing and listening to music, you can join a group performing these activities. Music will help to heal your soul while dance will make you physically fit with movements.

Creative activities like creating a scrapbook, painting murals, creating art and crafts etc help the oldies to sharpen their creative skills and form a bond with other seniors. Recreational activities like playing golf, swimming, boating etc have a therapeutic effect on the mind and body of the seniors. Internet also helps to engage in social activities in the form of social networking or blogging which gives a chance to share your views and ideas with others. Some of you can go for hobby classes which will help to improve your skills and bring you satisfaction by practicing your favorite activity. Some clubs or organizations arrange camping tours for senior citizens which helps them to feel relaxed and happy. Movie night is also one of the social activities for aging persons that includes showing old movies along with popcorn, free of cost. Watching those old movies make oldies refresh their memories of life and ease their tensions.

Social activities play vital role in healing older persons, not only physically but also mentally and create a positive and happy outlook towards their further life.


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