overcoming your fears
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Everyone in this world has some or other kind of fear. Fear is an emotion that is essential for some things but it may prove paralyzing for many of you. If fear is out of your control, you cannot take any risks in life. Sometimes it happens that you fear things which are not so dangerous and that can be faced with a strong attitude. To face such situations or things you need to control your fear and be tough. Here are some of the lessons to overcome your fear –

  • Connect with Others: Share your fear with someone close to you or a counselor, don’t think less of yourself to share your feelings with others. This will give you support and help you to find solution to your fear.
  • Get Positive Motivation: Avoid thinking negatively about your fear. Instead, read some inspirational books or thoughts that produce a positive feeling in you. This will give you the strength to face the situation.
  • Give a Try to the Thing which you Fear: Give a try to your fear, don’t run away from it. Move forward and just face it. This will build up confidence and by everyday practice the situation will become fearless.
  • Appreciate yourself: The deepest fear in a person is lack of power but remember that you are powerful beyond imagination. Appreciate yourself for a second by thinking who you are and what you have achieved. And make a commitment that you can do more than this.
  • Learn Relaxation Techniques: Fear makes you physically ill and therefore you need to learn some relaxation techniques. Practicing meditation or yoga helps to develop courage and confidence to overcome fear.
  • Live in the Present: Focus your attention on the current situation and avoid going in future or past thoughts. Think about what is happening now instead of what had happened or is going to happen.

Fear is an emotion which if goes out of your control, you lose your confidence and courage to take risks and face life challenges.


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