living a long life

Everyone craves to live for long time. But living long depends upon good health and positive thoughts about life. You must have met many old persons who have crossed over 70 and wondered on the secret behind their life longevity. The secret lies in living life in simple manner with good eating habits. Here are some secrets to live a long life –

  • Eat Simply: Most of the old people live a modest life. Modest living means simple eating and fasting from time to time. Diet should include plant-based materials like legumes, pulses, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Eating some amount less compared to your stomach size is always good. Eating large breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner will surely help you.
  • Exercise and Get Active: Practice exercises like taking a walk in garden or gardening. These low intense physical activities will help you to keep active.
  • Eat Dark Chocolates: You can eat dark chocolates as cocoa in it is beneficial for your heart and arteries. Dark chocolates are recommended because these contain more antioxidants than others. Chocolates also make you happy as they release endorphins.
  • Have a Positive Attitude: Think positively towards your life and tasks which you are doing daily. It will make your life easy and happy.
  • Reduce Stress: Deep breathing exercises like yoga are the best ways to reduce stress. Drinking adequate amount of water, sleeping well and laughing are also other ways to reduce your stress.
  • Connect Socially: Make friends of your age group or spend time with your family and friends who will protect you from being isolated, getting depressed and mental illness. Love and care is more needed when you grow old, so spend more time with your family and friends.
  • Avoid Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health, get help of someone you can help you to avoid smoking.
  • Believe in You: Believe in yourself and spirituality which allows you to find inner peace, accept present life and makes you aware of realities and expectations.

Living a long life needs some simple tricks that should be followed. Here are some of them to increase your life.


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