Physical Relationships and Happy Life

Marital life consists of many ups and downs but despite this, marital bond is one of the most beautiful and lovable bonds in life. Living a happy married life is not an easy task and it depends on various factors like understanding each other, compromising, romance, communication, trust, etc. But, these are all emotional aspects; another prime aspect is also physical relationships between the couple. Physical intimacy plays an important role in making married life happy and successful, allowing it to survive for a long time. It is an inseparable part of romance, which is essential for couples.

Newly married couples have an attraction towards each other, physically and emotionally, but it lasts only for some years. Later, this relationship feels like boredom and burden to them. In this situation, maintaining good physical relationship helps to create attraction and rekindle love for each other. It has been proved by researches that couples who have healthy physical relationships experience greater sense of well-being. But for a healthy make out, you need to maintain good health. Good health can be maintained by a healthy diet that includes vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other essential foods. Physical intimacy is not just physical attraction, but it is also an emotional and mental factor that brings couples close to each other, a sense closeness that cannot be described in words. It tunes the couple with each other and relieves all stress and tension of the day.

In fact, couples are not aware of the fact that couples argue over physical intimacy more often than they argue on money, work and other issues. When couples allow building conflict or resentment they drift away from physical relationships which are important for reconnecting and buffering stress. This leads to destruction of relationship. Due to this many partners start taking help of alcohol or drugs to relieve stress and tension. Instead, if they sit together and discuss their problems, even related to their physical relationships, it will create love between them and make their bonding strong.

If you feel your physical intimacy is getting boring, add some spice to it and there is variety of ways to do this. To start with, you can take your spouse on a romantic getaway where there is no place for conflicts, only love will flourish. Or you can plan to make your time for physical intimacy, unique and different than regular days. This will help you to come close by knowing each other’s feelings and also make you attracted towards each other. Soon, you will find that you form a strong bond of love with your partner and also stress in your life will be reduced.

Physical relationship is an essential part of happy married life that drive away boredom and add spice to your relationship along with love for each other.


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