Ocean breathing
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Though kids are mostly happy, they also undergo some tensions and stress. Your kid may suffer from health problems like asthma or anxiety when he is continuously under stress. Here is a good exercise for your kids called as ocean breathing or ‘ujjai pranayama’ in the yogic traditions. It is named as ocean breathing because an ocean-like sound is created in the back of the throat while inhaling and exhaling air. This is a best one-minute relaxation exercise that can be practiced anywhere.

Ocean breathing involves three steps which you have to explain your kid before practicing. The steps are as follows –

  • Hold a small mirror in front of your face and inhale large amount of air, slowly and let the stomach expand.
  • Then exhale the air forcing it out like you are fogging the mirror and allow throat’s back to contract making a sound like ‘haaaaah’ while exhaling. This sounds a bit like mocking. Avoid pushing or forcing; just breathe slowly in and out. The sound should come like that of the soothing waves.
  • Repeat these steps again and again.

Practicing this exercise has many benefits out of which some are as listed below –

  • It acts as a stress release mechanism that makes your kid relaxed.
  • The digestive and nervous systems get strengthened and eliminates phlegm.
  • It slows down and smoothes flow of breath.
  • Your kid feels fresh as body cells get rejuvenated due to increase in oxygen supply.
  • It improves your kid’s overall health by increasing blood circulation.
  • This exercise also increases your child’s concentration as he/she is focusing on the sound arising from the back of throat.
  • This exercise may seem hard at start but practicing daily will prove worthy for your child. It will help to keep your child happy and allow him to enjoy life. Also, you will find some improvement in his studies due to increase in concentration.

Ocean breathing is an exercise which involves simply breathing and creating a sound back of the throat and also takes less time than other exercises.


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