Meditate to manifest your dreams

According to the Law of Attraction, the most important thing to complete your goals and make your dreams come true is by aligning it with that desire. You must have sometimes experienced that when you desired something, you got it. How does this happen? It’s because you have dreamt and craved for it. To have a strong desire you need to practice meditation. Meditation is the best way to increase your concentration.

Once you have clear goals of what you want, your dreams naturally flow in that direction giving you solutions and ways to complete them. Whether you have just started out, hit a road block or are feeling anxious, meditating surely helps. Meditation is an experience which can never be proved right or wrong. To meditate for manifesting your dream doesn’t mean that it’s day dreaming, it’s a focused state of mind in which you only visualize on the end results of your dream. A positive state of mind helps to influence a person to work for achieving his goals. It has been proved that meditation has positive effect on mind and therefore it is believed that one can manifest his dreams through meditation.

There is a special kind of meditation for manifesting dreams which is called as manifestation meditation. This meditation involves following steps –

  • Sit straight in a chair or on floor, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Visualize your dream while breathing, think about how it appears and also try to experience the emotions while visualizing it.
  • While visualizing, set free your desires out in the universe.
  • Think of the steps you will take to achieve your goal.
  • Then open your eyes and make of list of steps you have thought of to complete your dream.

Now, you can start working towards your dream. Take the steps accordingly with positive thoughts and remember that if one step doesn’t work there is another available. While meditating, you will experience that you are attracted towards your dream and there is some kind of energy that it pulling you towards its success. After practicing this meditation daily, you will find many ways to complete your dream, may it be to achieve a job in good company or to buy a new luxurious car.

Meditation creates a positive state of mind providing paths to manifest your dream.


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