There is unique link between music and human emotions and therefore music can be effective tool to get relief from stress. Though music sometimes acts as distraction, but at the same time it also helps to portray various emotions. Today, life is filled with stress and anxiety due to load of work and responsibility, especially, in metropolitan cities. Music plays an important role to reduce daily stress and live a cheerful life.

Music has been the part of man’s life since ancient times. It is a therapeutic way to reduce day-to-day stress. Music soothes people of all ages, from small children to adults. The taste of genre differs from person to person ranging from rock to classical. It’s not only the music played by musical instruments that attracts people but also the sound of chirping birds, religious chants, waterfalls etc make them feel good.

When the music enters your ears, your heartbeat and breathing intensity starts decreasing if you are in stress. It has been proved through research that music consisting strong beats stimulates brainwaves by creating vibration in harmony with beats. If you listen to fast music, it increases your concentration and alertness while if you listen to slow music, it helps to promote a meditative and calm state. It has also been researched that the effects on the brain while listening to music last even after you stop listening to it. Music is known to relieve stress and bring calmness slowly with pleasant tones of music. Negative thoughts are driven away and you start thinking positively when you listen to music. It’s similar to a magic done by a magician. Other than these benefits, music also helps in easing tension, maintaining health, boosting immunity and lowering blood pressure.

There are music therapy classes which help people to feel happy and reduce tension. This therapy is used in hospitals by the music therapists to reduce pains. Even music played on your own gives you a stress free feel. You can listen to music daily to gain energy when you are tired, for relaxation, during emotional stress, for catharsis etc.

Since music has been used by humans during ancient period for meditation or traditional occasions today it plays a vital role to reduce stress and increase happiness.


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