laughter and stress relief

The saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is not a funny thought; it’s a truth. It is a healing activity for those who are under stress as it triggers balance of your mind and body in faster way. Laughing doesn’t mean that you have to howl; even a smile will ease you from the stress. It has the power to dissolve tension, anger, burden and sadness and therefore is called as the best medicine to relieve stress.

Laughter is actually a relaxation exercise as it reduces muscle tension and brings peace of mind to you. Whenever you laugh, cells in your body release antibodies which help to fight infections and cure illness. If you have chronic pains then just laughing for 10 minutes every day will ease your pain for at least 2 hours. Most of you must have felt burden free and calm after laughing for sometime. This is because large numbers of antibody producing cells get produced in your body. Similar to physical relaxation, humor also makes you feel relaxed mentally. It creates positive attitude to face the challenges in life, making them less threatening. Sharing laughter connects you with others, keeping relationships strong and fresh. If you have any resentments or disagreements with others, laughter will be an effective and powerful way to heal them. You inhale fresh and oxygen-rich air when you laugh which stimulates your lungs, heart and muscles and increases endorphin hormone released by brain.

Laughter therapy classes are being conducted in order to deal with your stress and tension of day-to-day life. There are two ways of laughter – one is laughter yoga for relaxing and other is laughter sessions for fun. Laughter yoga consists of unconditional laughter with yogic breathing and starts with warm up exercises that include bodily movements. In laughter yoga, you have to practice yoga along with laughing. Laughter therapy sessions involve a group that uses various techniques to prepare people emotionally and physically to laugh. The main objective of this session is to laugh or learn to laugh at any crisis that comes your way.

Laughter has many physical as well as mental benefits that help to recover from illness. You can join the laughter therapy sessions or laughter yoga in your local area to get relaxed and stress-free.


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