fun ideas to relieve stress

Stress conquers human mind in fast and easy way. Most of you must have tried various ways to relieve stress like yoga, gardening, reading books, music, dance etc but have got bored with them. There are many fun ways to relieve stress which you will enjoy the most. These fun ideas are similar to those which children practice to be happy. Here are some of them –

  • Blow Bubbles: This is the activity you must have done in your childhood. Just make bubble solution from the soap or detergent and blow the bubbles. It’s a fun to catch those unusual shape and color bubbles. You will feel like you have entered your child stage again.
  • Read Jokes: There are various books or websites which contain only jokes. You can read those and laugh aloud. You will feel stress free and happy by reading jokes.
  • Finger Paint: You can dip your fingers in some non-toxic paints and paint on the paper. Find something funny in those paintings and burst out laughter which will ease your stress. Involve some kids to have more fun in this activity.
  • Silly Putty: Do you remember this toy? Get engaged in rolling it, shaping it or mashing it and enjoy. This will reduce the accelerated heart beat rate and ease respiration. This will also help to clean your house as the silly putty has the adhesive property that can attract pet hair, dirt, lint and ink from various surfaces.
  • Twirl like a Small Child: Twirl around yourself but make sure you are away from any object especially indoors as you may fall. Twirling activates the ‘chakra’, energy center at the base of the spine. It dissolves the lethargy and negative feelings that drag you down. It cleanses your mind to do your next work.
  • Make Faces While Looking in Mirror: Children make funny faces and laugh at someone which is very funny to watch. Similar to them you can stand in front of the mirror and make some clown faces. It will add to your humor dissolving your mental stress.
  • Jump on a Trampoline: This is a fun activity that comprises of exercise as well as fun. Jumping in this manner increases your heart beat rate and releases endorphins which help to reduce stress and anxiety making you feel relaxed.

Fun activities help to relieve stress and also give you a chance to play your childhood games with enjoyment.


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