controlling anger

Do you get angry in short time? Or do you go out of control and break things when angry? If yes, then you need to control it as early as possible as it may make your life hard. Anger is considered as one of the normal and healthy emotions. But it is essential to control it at low levels as it may create destruction in your life. Here are some easy ways by which you can control your anger –

Take a Break As Soon As You are Angry: Stop the work which made you angry and take a deep breath. Getting away from the work that has irritated you will make you feel calm.

Go to a Happy Place: If possible, leave the place where you are suffering from prolonged anger and go to a place which gives you pleasure. It may be childhood backyard, garden, beach, etc. where you enjoy spending time. You will feel relaxed and tranquil after some time.

Talk to your Loved One: Talk to a person who supports or understands you. Share your feeling of anger with your loved one which will ease your tension and make you stress-free.

Find out the Reason for your Anger: Think about the reason that made you angry. Find a solution to the problem which irritated you so much. Try to change your attitude towards the problem.

Do Some Physical Exercises: Simply stretching your muscles will make you feel relaxed since the negative energy will be spent into exercise. A supply of oxygen to your brain will increase letting you to think clearly.

Meditation: Close your eyes and focus on your solar plexus or ‘chakra’ with deep breathing. It will calm your anger and give you peace.

Recollect your Happy Moments: Memorize those happy moments spent earlier with your friends, family or loved ones. It will ease your anger.

Look for Humor: Read jokes from books or newspapers or get involved in a humorous talk going around you. You can even watch funny videos or images for getting a chance to laugh.

Think from Positive Aspect: Think on the situation with a positive attitude. Look from a positive perspective towards the situation which will make you realize your mistake and give a solution on it.

Controlling your anger is not a difficult task as the control depends on you. These easy ways will help you to calm down when you get angry.


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