Meditation through chocolate

Chocolate meditation sounds a little unique and self-indulgent but it’s a type of meditation. As the name suggests this meditation involves the use of chocolates. It is one of the best meditation techniques for those who crave for chocolates. You must be thinking about why chocolates are involved in meditation? The answer is that chocolate helps in healing broken hearts, it induces and celebrates love, carries anti-oxidants, gives you inner peace and stimulates the imagination.

Chocolate meditation involves some simple steps as below –

  • Sit on the floor or chair and take deep breathes till you feel relaxed.
  • Take a piece of chocolate and place it in your mouth.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the texture of chocolate in your mouth.
  • Make sure you let the chocolate melt, don’t bite it.
  • Keep swallowing the melted chocolate and move the solid chocolate around the tongue if you feel to do so.
  • Focus on the chocolate’s weight and flavor as it melts.
  • After the chocolate has melted completely, enjoy the taste for some time and then open your eyes.
  • You will feel refreshed and re-energized to do your further work.

This meditation can be done at anytime and anywhere. It is most easy and short way to relieve stress. Eating chocolate in this manner changes your mood making you ready for the next work with fresh start. It also lets you to enjoy the complete taste of chocolate as well as helps you to concentrate on your work. Chocolates increase the production of endorphin, creating pleasure. Serotonin in the chocolate acts as an anti-depressant and relieves stress. Theobromine in chocolates facilitates muscular exertion, stimulates the central nervous system and acts as a diuretic and appetite stimulant.

Along with all these benefits precautions should also be taken while choosing chocolates for this meditation. Avoid eating too much of chocolates while doing this meditation. If you are a diabetic person then you can try this meditation with raisins or other savor-able food which is safe for you. Dark chocolates are good for your health.

Chocolate meditation is one of the best ideas to consume chocolates and also to keep you stress-free.


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