Change your heart

Stress is an epidemic that is spreading rapidly and continuously in this world. To set a limit to stress, you have to find out some ways. Most of you must be going for yoga and meditation which give peace of mind and make your thinking positive. But positive thinking can also be obtained by changing your way of life. When you start changing your feelings in positive direction, your life also changes.

There is a connection between heart and emotions. The heart sends information to brain and other body parts in the form of neurological signals to perform actions. It sends energy in the form of blood pressure waves called as pulse. There is a release of peptide that acts as hormone which inhibits the release of other hormones controlling stress. This is a biochemical way of communication of heart to the brain. The pause between heartbeats give an idea about the emotional state in which you are. Love, gratitude, care and compassion are the four emotions that send positive signal to your brain. Positive thoughts seem to influence heartbeats and coordinate the body in a way that affects you positively.

    Here are some ways of developing positive attitude –
  • You can change your thoughts by making use of affirmations in your communication.
  • Be grateful and thankful to what you have and for everything that has benefited you.
  • Retrospect the ups and downs your life and analyze what you have created till now in order to get control over your thoughts.
  • Actions and thoughts display your values. Think about what you do, how you spend your time, etc. to know your actions.
  • You can also try some kind of meditation like manifestation meditation which helps in manifesting dreams.
  • Even simple yoga practice helps to bring a positive energy flow within you.

There is also a technique called as freeze-frame technique which helps to think positively. In this technique you have to focus on your heart and area surrounding the heart for at least 10 seconds with normal breathing. Recall any positive feeling that you had in your life and try to feel it as much as possible. Then question yourself from heart that ‘what makes present stressful situation different?’ or ‘what can be done to reduce stress?’ Your heart’s response will be the answer to your problem and this doesn’t mean you will hear any sound of your heart but feel relaxed and find a solution to your stress. To make your life happy and healthy, you need to first change your emotions and thoughts that will bring change of heart.


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