Candle Meditation

Have you ever imagined a day when your mind is completely free of thoughts? Or you may have been working for long time and love to relax for short time. Then candle meditation is one of the best solutions for you. Candle meditation involves the use of candle as an object of concentration. As the flame of the candle brightens and warms your home, it similarly enlightens your life thereby making you stress-free.

It is a simple technique in which you need a single candle. Make sure that the candle is placed at your eye-level. The room should be dark or dimly lit to practice candle meditation. You can light the room with some candles to create ambience. The temperature of the room should be comfortable enough to sit. Ensure that there is no noise or music in the room as this meditation is practiced in silence. Candle meditation involves the following steps –

  • Once you have created the environment for meditation, sit on chair or floor and stare at the candle flame.
  • When you continuously stare at the candle the peripheral vision will grow darker slowly and due to this your concentration on the flame will increase.
  • At first, you will find it hard to gaze continuously and also your eyes will start watering. But the more you gaze your eyes will blink less and focus will increase.
  • Move your eyes as the flame dances which is the most enjoyable moment.
  • Don’t let your mind wander to other thoughts, keep focusing hard on the flame.
  • Try to focus on your breath along with the flame to achieve deep concentration.
  • At the time of stopping, close your eyes and let your mind concentrate on the body and surrounding environment for some time. Then you can open your eyes.

So, candle meditation involves a lot of concentration. This meditation is especially for those who cannot focus in other meditations. It increases concentration as you harmonize your thoughts. You feel relaxed and find that your mind has become calm. It creates self-awareness and spiritual awakening in you.

Candle meditation is one of the elementary exercises that brings peace of mind and also creates spiritual awakening.


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