pets bring happiness

Pets have been man’s best companion since earlier times. Every pet owner knows the joy of sharing their lives with pets. Pets are proving to be beneficial to humans in computing good health. They act as emotional and social support for everyone and therefore bring happiness in your life.

Whenever you keep any animal as your pet there is bond formation between you and the pet. The bond is so strong that you cannot live separated from each other. You start caring for the pet similar to your family member. When you take your pet for a walk you are always alert about its safety. Pets not only act as your companions but also help you like guarding your home to keep you safe from thieves. In short, pets help to maintain mental, social, physical, emotional and psychological health in humans.

Different pets have different effect on your health. Stroking a pet helps to lower blood pressure and makes you feel relaxed. Pets act as social support system by providing opportunities to educate children in families that have growing children. For example, if your pet gets ill, it will care for itself which in turn will teach your child a lesson to care for himself. Children learn to become responsible from pets as they need to be taken care of constantly. Pets help to cure or reduce depression in people who are suffering from serious illness due to their companion. For elders or old person pets are best companions that decrease the feeling of loneliness and increase longevity in them. You will find decrease in your weight when you take your pet on a walk every day.

There is also a therapy treatment assisted with pets that helps to maintain good health in humans. In pet assisted therapy, an animal with right temperament is allowed to interact with a person who needs comfort. For this therapy animals are used in variety of sectors like prison, mental institutions, nursing homes, hospitals and homes. There are three popular therapies assisted with animals – canine, dolphin and equine therapy. In canine therapy, dogs are used to promote healing and health. Dolphin assisted therapy is used to swim with dolphins which creates a peace of mind, improves awareness, attention and self-control, enforces the immune system and develops feelings of compassion and self-confidence. Equine therapy is related to horse riding that encourages self-esteem, cognitive activity, increases physical stamina, etc.

At last, the point is that you can have any animal as your pet since having a pet helps to maintain good health and also to cure some illness.


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