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Usually, people are habituated to reading and increasing their horizon of knowledge. Books have been an option for leisure to man or to avoid getting bored. Most people who live alone have this habit of reading books to avoid loneliness. Reading books not only gives you knowledge but also some pleasure. Books always act as good friends of man as they can’t quarrel or argue with him like other humans.

Happiness is related to books in many ways. There are many kinds of books available to choose which include humor books, autobiographies, fiction, etc. You can select one that suits your taste and start reading. You must have seen that kids take interest in reading story books as these give pleasure. The characters and their actions in the books add interest to reading. Even teenagers, who get bored and tired of studies, read some humor books which make them relaxed. Reading books is a healthy recreation as you get engaged in some absorbing story. Provided that the book chosen is of right kind, reading gives contentment. Books bring stories of exciting adventure, dangerous exploration, inspiration for new achievements, strength and hope for discouraged and lively humor. The characters in the books may delight you as your companions and friends. Books let you enjoy heartily the beauty of nature, triumph of science and technology and treasure of music and art. Though books cannot speak, they interact in thousands of words, enabling you to imagine the actual story through their content.

Reading books have played an important role in the progress of humans. Reading is an art which needs to be practiced by developing a hungry, curious and questioning mind. Doors to creative thoughts and imagination open when a book is opened to be read. For positive thinking, one must practice the art of reading books. Just as you need food for your body to keep healthy, reading books is also a food for your healthy mind and soul.

Reading is a pursuit that is open to everyone, may it be rich or poor, a child or an adult, it gives pleasure to everyone.


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